Deb On Air Legends and Lowlife host

Legends and Lowlife



Broadcasts live Tuesday 6-8 p.m. (pst)

in the Olympia, Washington USA area, 89.3 FM

Deb on Air brings you Legends and Lowlife. Every Tuesday night on KAOS Legends and Lowlife stupefies the airwaves with music, spoken word and semi-organized sound. Your eardrums and heartstrings will palpitate to legendary heights and dive-bomb to down in the gutter with an empty bottle and a losing lottery ticket lowlife.

For example; the legendary Billy Holiday sings “You’re Just a No Account” about some lowlife, The Three Stooges ponder hippopotamuses, Tom Waits shouts, snarls, or even sings just about anything – all fodder for Legends and Lowlife.

Indie, Alternative, Soul, Garage, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Americana, World, Classical, Experimental, Spoken Word, Odd-Pop (okay- we just made that last genre up) artistes from Olympia, Dublin, Tokyo, and any rock we can find them under = Legends and Lowlife.

Add interviews with the legendary likes of The Sonics and Stan Ridgway, and live in studio sessions. When there is music that should be legendary except for the fact that no one has heard it – yet, or the stuff just too weird and un-classifiable to be played on any other station, you’ll hear it on Legends and Lowlife and KAOS Radio.

Your Host Deb on Air (aka DJ DOA, aka Debbie Schow) brings her life well lived as is a musician (Screech Owls, Kid Sisters), journalist, photographer, artist, and broadcaster to Olympia via stints highbrow and lowlife publications, stations, studios and airwaves in Dublin, Los Angeles, London, Seattle and Joshua Tree/29 Palms for more years than she cares to mention.

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Deb heartily welcomes requests, response, pingbacks, hello’s, crazy cat photos, and appreciates every one who takes the time to listen or read this far. xx


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