Deb on Air hosts Legends and Lowlife #87 –, 89.3 FM, Olympia, WA

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Some will, some won’t be on the official playlist. We will see what happens on the hour. See you at 6:00 – xx Deb

  1. She Shot A Hole In My Soul 2:21 Clifford Curry Scream 1
  2. One More Time 2:32 Mickey Denton Twirl Records Story Volume 9
  3. Bad Bad Woman 3:16 Izzy Cox Killing My Kind
  4. Turned Out a Fool 3:02 The Modern Don Juans The Modern Don Juans
  5. Koko Taylor & Willie Dixon – Insane Asylum 4:42
  6. Why Am I Treated So Bad [Live] 8:18 Mavis Staples Live: Hope At The Hideout
  7. Inch Worm 4:10 Black Tape For A Blue Girl Projekt: afar
  8. Sand 2:30 Calvin Johnson & The Sons Of The Soil Calvin Johnson & The Sons Of The Soil
  9. Open Hands 1:06 Sarah Kirkland Snider / Shara Worden / Signal Penelope
  10. Wake Up! 4:21 Hey! Brontosaurus Wake Up! / Red Light Runner –
  11. There-You-Are-In-Me 2:47 Nellie McKay Pretty Little Head
  12. Last Time 3:02 Black Dub Black Dub
  13. A Sweet Summer’s Night On Hammer Hill 3:28 Jens Lekman Oh You’re So Silent Jens
  14. Broken Heart (Alternate) 3:00 Memphis Minnie Chess Blues 1952-1954 [Disc 2]
  15. Eleven (feat. tUnE-yArDs) 4:01 Thao & Mirah Thao & Mirah – RCRD free download*
  16. I’m Losing Myself (Feat. Ed Droste) 3:27 Robin Pecknold
  17. Waitin’ On the Sky 3:29 Steve Earle I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive (Deluxe Edition)
  18. Born To Be Loved 4:38 Lucinda Williams Blessed
  19. Thrash City 2:14 Poly Styrene Generation Indigo
  20. Gonna Fix You Good (Every Time You’re Bad) 2:30 Little Anthony & The Imperials 101 Northern Soul Anthems – Disc 2
  21. Changing All Those Changes 1:42 Nick Lowe Rave On Buddy Holly
  22. New Orleans 3:37 Emmylou Harris New Orleans – Single
  23. Montana 5:24 Gipsy Kings Love & Liberté
  24. Si Tu Disais 3:23 Calexico Convict Pool
  26. Hungry Like a Tiger 4:28 Jared Mees & The Grown Children Only Good Thoughts Can Stay – free download at
  27. The Conqueror Worm 3:01 Edgar Allan Poe
  28. Tremeloe Sun 3:24 Dom Mariani & The Majestic Kelp Underwater Casino- free download at
  29. Hush 2:59 The Hypnomen Trip With Satan

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