Legends and Lowlife #81 – Streams Live Tuesday 6 – 8 PM PST KAOSradio.org – Deb On Air is your DJ de jour

Lucinda Williams performs at Symphony Hall, Bi...

Image via WikipediaInsane Asylum Koko Taylor and  Willie Dixo

Too much music to fit in two hours. This week Legends and Lowlife dips into blues, soul, world, psychedelic, jazz, indie, country, bluegrass, folk, electronica, and whatever the cats drag in. The cats of course have excellent taste.
Watch out for the triple  Lucinda Williams mentions, one track by her, another “Lucinda” by Tom Waits and “Miss Williams Guitar” by the Jayhawks. Okay, the Waits song may or may not be about the same Lucinda, but a listen of the lyrics of the Jayhawks tune makes it pretty clear there is a man-fan in that band of the blonde gee-tar gal pictured here.

For those making the drive to Seattle to see the Fleet Foxes we have something special for you too, even though we are kinds of jealous, but wish  you fun, good vibes, safe and sane trip despite those meanie Seattle drivers,  and happy harmonies on the night.
Lots of legally free downloads this week too. Everything with the RCRD LBL is available free for nothing at their link.
Better Propaganda has the new Sebadoh and lots others, and Superfan 2011 gives us Katzenjammer and other gems and Laura Stevenson and the Cans are giving their entire debut album away to fans this month on their website. There is a lot of new music here too, I hope you’ll discover some artists that will become lifelong faves or at least worthy of  the space on your hard-drive.

    1. Katzenjammer A Bar in Amsterdam 3:13
    1. Koko Taylor and Willie Dixon The Insane Asylum
    1. Dirty D 5:32 Futurebirds EP
    1. Durian Dowry 4:31 Dengue Fever Cannibal Courtship
    1. Century Of Sleep 4:18 Emmy The Great Virtue – Get Free Music at RCRD LBL.com
    1. The Plains / Bitter Dancer 5:54 Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues 
    1. Dodecahedron 3:15 Beth Jeans Houghton Dodecahedron
    1. One-Dime Blues 2:33 Etta Baker Hills Of Home: 25 Years Of Folk Music On Rounder Records Country & Folk
    1. What Kind Of Man Is That? 3:05 Koko Taylor Chess Blues 1960-1967 [Disc 4] Religious
    1. ‘Central Two-0-Nine’ 2:49 Robert Plant
    1. Squareneck 3:39 Thao & Mirah Thao & Mirah 
    1. The Stars 1:07 Lake Giving and Receiving
    1. Boxed Up in Pine 3:47 Dag för Dag Boo
    1. Powa 5:04 Tune-Yards W H O K I L L 
    1. New Orleans 3:37 Emmylou Harris New Orleans – Single
    1. Fromage 2:55 Water Tower Bucket Boys Sole Kitche
    1. Montauk Monster 4:01 Laura Stevenson & the Cans Sit Resist 
    1. I Need Seed 2:55 Thee Oh Sees Castlemania
    1. All Falls Down 4:55 TV On The Radio Nine Types Of Light [Deluxe] I
    1. cymbalseatguitars_gleemer 2:51 Cymbals Eat Guitars Sing for Your Meat – A Tribute to Guided By Voices Other
    1. Haai 3:32 Panber’s Those Shocking, Shaking Days: Indonesia Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock And Funk 1970-1978 
    1. Careful Who You Dance With (Xiu Xiu Remix) 4:31 Parenthetical Girls Careful Who You Dance With (Xiu Xiu Remix) – Get Free Music at RCRD LBL.com
    1. Upside Down 3:52 J. Pinder Code Red 2.0 – Get Free Music at RCRD LBL.com
    1. The Edge 2:55 David McCallum Droppin` Science 
    1. Move On 2:56 Bing Ji Ling Shadow To Shine-mp3
    1. Baby Please Don’t Go 2:04 Greg Brown Hills Of Home: 25 Years Of Folk Music On Rounder Records 
    1. Kiss the Coast 3:10 Sundelles Georgia Swan
    1. Evil Seeds 4:17 The Raveonettes Raven In The Grave 
    1. Lucinda / Ain’t Goin’ Down To The Well [Live] 5:37 Tom Waits Glitter And Doom Live [Disc 1] 
    1. Buttercup 3:51 Lucinda Williams Blessed 
    1. Miss Williams’ Guitar 3:09 The Jayhawks Music From The North Country: The Jayhawks Anthology
    1. Cruel 4:00 Calexico Garden Ruins
    1. Rebound 2:13 Sebadoh Bakesale: Deluxe Edition
    1. The_Dead_Texan-Taco_De_Macque_128 1:08
    1. With You 3:22 From The Secrets the Whispers
    1. Past Due 2:46 Lil Daggers Lil Daggers – Get Free Music at RCRD LBL.com
    1. Skin Collision Past 3:29 Wild Moccasins Skin Collision Past 
    1. Resolution 5:44 Wynn, Steve and the Miracle 3 Northern Aggression 

and here is a track by Charlotte Gainsborough


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