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Germ Free Adolescents

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Heard rumors last night, but kept hoping that they were just rumors. Alas, It is with great sadness to report that Punk icon and Legendary  (X-ray Spex frontwoman) Poly Styrene has passed away

As a female who played in post-punk bands in Ireland and the UK my way was paved in part by Poly and others of her bravery and voice. With all the media talking about some royal wedding it is my humble opinion that the UK is much stronger for the likes of Poly than anyone of aristocratic lineage from that island.  Deb on Air

(below is the statement in part – from her official web site) http://www.poly-styrene.com/

Marianne Elliot Said

July 3rd 1957- April 25th 2011

Poly Styrene was a punk amongst punks. A groundbreaking presence that left an unrepeatable mark on the musical landscape, she made history the moment she uttered, “Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard but I think oh bondage up yours!” The influence of Poly and X-ray Spex has been felt far and wide ever since. Their landmark album Germ Free Adolescents is a landmark work and a primary influence on Britpop and Riot Grrrl. At the centre of it was PolyStyrene, a bi-racial feminist punk with the perfect voice to soundtrack rebellion. Poly never sacrificed the intelligence or the fun in her music and style. Her trademark braces and dayglo clothes were a playful rejection of the status quo and of conformity and complacency. She dissected gender politics, consumer culture, and the obsessions of modern life in a way that made us all want sing along with her.

There is an excellent obituary in the SF Weekly http://blogs.sfweekly.com/shookdown/2011/04/oh_cancer_up_yours_appreciatin.php

As tribute we will be playing Trash City from “Generation Indigo” that was due to be released next week.

Legends and Lowlife # 80

Variety is the spice this week with lashings of  psychedelic, pop, lounge, jazz, soul, alt, indie, country, blues and even classical tunes for your listening pleasure.

We still seem to have the April showers here in Olympia but lots of great new releases this month by the likes of Oly band LakeThe Vivian Girls, TV on the Radio, Gorillaz, Fleet Foxes, Emmy Lou Harris,  TuneYards, Mirah & Thau make staying in and watching the rain not such a bad thing.

As with all Legends and Lowlife fare we present our share of evils and wayward folk in the form of Izzy Cox‘s “Bad Woman,” drinkn’ songs “I AIn’t Drunk” by Albert Collins holds that fort up this week, Little Anthony – usually all sweetness and soul light with the Imperials is all about revenge in “Gonna Fix You Good (every time you’re bad) and we start everything off with Le Bucherettes getting all not pretty and def not demure with the stately and majestic ” I’m Getting Sick of You.” If that was not enough legends and lowlife – we have Bobby Womack with Gorillaz to rep for the legends, and we even have a song about stinky cheese for good measure.

Lots of legally free downloads this week too, stay tuned for more info… our pals at Superfan 2011 have some great choices this week. As does Pitchfork via Soundcloud, I love this whispy, haunting track by Cass McCombs.

Cass is playing these (almost) local dates :

May 8 – Tractor Tavern, Seattle *

May 9 – Mississippi Studios, Portland *

soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/dominorecordco/cass-mccombs-the-lonely-doll/s-DPguu”


Some of the tracks under consideration for Tuesday’s show include;

  1. Oh Bondage Up Yours X-Ray Specs
  2. Trash City Poly Styrene Generation Indigo Legally Free Download at http://betterpropaganda.com/search_results.aspx?searchTerm=poly&x=0&y=0
  3. I’m Getting Sick Of You 4:06 Le Butcherettes Sin Sin Sin – at RCRD LBL.com
  4. I Am My Body 2:45 Motopony Motopony – Get Free Music at RCRD LBL.com
  5. Bobby In Phoenix (Featuring Bobby Womack) 3:17 Gorillaz The Fall
  6. Sling Shot 4:57 Mo’Fone Sling Shot http://www.superfan2011.com
  7. April in Paris 3:03 Billie Holiday Lady in Autumn – disc 2
  8. Je T’aime 3:13 Les Chauds Lapins Amourettes Other
  9. Killer Crane 6:15 TV On The Radio Nine Types Of Light [Deluxe] Indie Rock
  10. The Shrine / An Argument 8:07 Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues Indie Rock
  11. Never Be Alone 3:10 Le Reno Amps Appetite
  12. Hallo, Mister Hitchcock 2:42 The Vampires Of Dartmoore Dracula’s Music Cabinet
  13. Lost Weekend 4:22 Art Brut Brilliant! Tragic! – Get Free Music at RCRD LBL.com
  14. Bad Bad Woman 3:16 Izzy Cox Killing My Kind
  15. Yer Birthday 3:06 Natural Child 1971 – Get Free Music at RCRD LBL.com
  16. Fromage 2:55 Water Tower Bucket Boys Sole Kitchen
  17. Born To Be Loved 4:38 Lucinda Williams Blessed
  18. I Ain’t Drunk 4:08 Albert Collins Alligator Records 40th Anniversary Collection [Disc 1]
  19. Gonna Fix You Good (Every Time You’re Bad) 2:30 Little Anthony & The Imperials 101 Northern Soul Anthems – Disc 2 l
  20. The Other Girls 6:28 Vivian Girls Share the Joy
  21. The Healthy One 2:23 Laura Stevenson & The Cans Sit Resist – Get Free Music at RCRD LBL.com
  22. Skeleton Costume 3:58 Lake Giving and Receiving
  23. For 12 4:12 Other Lives Tamer Animals – RCRD LBL.com
  24. Hello Cruel World (Alias Remix feat. Yoni Wolf from Why?) 4:18 Sole and the Skyrider Band Hello Cruel World – RCRD LBL.com
  25. Haai 3:32 Panber’s Those Shocking, Shaking Days: Indonesia Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock And Funk 1970-1978
  26. Panda and The Freak 2:40 The Baseball Project Vol. 2: High and Inside
  27. Careful Who You Dance With (Xiu Xiu Remix) 4:31 Parenthetical Girls Careful Who You Dance With (Xiu Xiu Remix) – t RCRD LBL.com
  28. Past Due 2:46 Lil Daggers Lil Daggers –  RCRD LBL.com
  29. Sunshine Eyes (Channel Swimmer Mix) 4:40 Polarsets Sunshine Eyes (Channel Swimmer Mix) -RCRD LBL.com
  30. Durian Dowry 4:31 Dengue Fever Cannibal Courtship
  31. To Ardent (feat. Nancy Sinatra) (Grovesnor Remix) 6:16 Black Devil Disco Club To Ardent EP –  at RCRD LBL.com
  32. Powa 5:04 Tune-Yards W H O K I L L
  33. Skin Collision Past 3:29 Wild Moccasins Skin Collision Past
  34. Resolution 5:44 Wynn, Steve and the Miracle 3 Northern Aggression

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