Legends and Lowlife #67, Deb On Air Hosts @ KAOS 89.3 FM – KAOSRADIO.org – Tribute to Trains

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  1. King Crawler (live at RAK Studios) 4:33    Miles Kane http://www.mileskane.com (NME DailyDownload)
  2. Que S’est-il Passe      2:17    Tommy Guerrero Lifeboats And Follies (Superfan2011)
  3. Presentacin Express Train To Sion 0:23    (archive.org)
  4. Midnight Special       2:36   Odetta At The Gate Of Horn Tradition Label
  5. Suicide Policeman     3:15    Yuck    Yuck
  6. Ride The Rail 3:51    Giant Sand Blurry Blue Mountain (Better Propaganda)
  7. Flim Flam       3:18    The Dishes
  8. Have Love Will Travel           2:40    The Sonics Here Are The Sonics!!!
  9. Last Train From London       3:32    Salteens Grey Eyes
  10. October In The Railroad Earth        7:06    Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen The Beat Generation   Rhino
  11. The Vivian Girls Are Visited 1:50    Sufjan Stevens The Avalanche: Outtakes
  12. I Heard You Say        2:52    Vivian Girls Share the Joy (Better Propoganda)
  13. Temptation    2:14    Everly Brothers 50 Years Of Hits
  14. Master Of Art 3:57    Laura Stevenson & The Cans Sit Resist – (RCRD LBL.com)
  15. Lovers Lane   3:35    Hunx & His Punx Too Young To Be In Love     (Better Propoganda)
  16. Werewolfs Club         5:27    Spooklight Spooklight      Superfan2011
  17. White Winter Hymnal          2:29    Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes
  18. The Mountain Goats Damn These Vampires         3:29
  19. Barton Hollow            3:26    The Civil Wars Barton Hollow – Single iTunes free
  20. Last Of The Hobo Kings        5:50    Mary Gauthier Between Daylight And Dark
  21. Story – Downtown Train       0:43    Tom Waits VH1 Storytellers        Tom Waits
  22. Train Song     3:20    Tom Waits Frank’s Wild Years Tom Waits
  23. All I Need’s a Little More      3:25    Chikita Violenta TRE3S
  24. Black Train     2:13    The Gun Club Fire of Love
  25. So Many Roads, So Many Trains      3:10    Otis Rush Chess Blues 1954-1960
  26. Sue Egypt       2:58    Captain Beefheart Doc at the Radar Station
  27. Clamor (Prefuse 73 Remix) 5:22    Balmorhea Clamor (Prefuse 73 Remix) – RCRD LBL.com
  28. Heaven Can Wait (Nosaj Thing Remix)      3:17  Charlotte Gainsbourg
  29. Not A Friend  2:12    Cat’s Eyes downtown.rcrdlbl.com   http://rcrdlbl.com/artists/Cats_Eyes/track/Not_A_Friend
  30. Without You (Nguzunguzu remix) 4:00    Rainbow Arabia
  31. The World (Is Going Up In Flames)            3:22    Charles Bradley No Time for Dreaming (Bonus Version)     iTunes free download
  32. Come On Train          3:16    Don Thomas 101 Northern Soul Anthems
  33. Alone  3:48    James Pants NME Daily Download
  34. Lucy (Love Scene) 3:48 Sutja Gutiérrez Sutja Gutiérrez Original Soundtrack Lo-Fi
  35. What A Difference A Day Makes 4:09 The High Strung Soap Rockhttp://superfan2011.com/


As usual, only a “playlist” in the loose definition of the word as its subject to change, due to lunar eclipses, new stuff just in at KAOS, my whims, your requests and the cat’s  (Soxy and Tomata) personal favorites.

Lots of free legally downloads this week.  Plan is to link to them directly, let me know if that is of service to you.  I’ll post links after the show, so check back if you have a moment then.

This “playlist” brings us the usual  or make that unusual experimental, alt tirades and tumbles,  with a healthy helping of soul, Charles Bradley was a free iTunes download, but sounds like a rare vinyl in sheer soul stirrin’ style, blues, a bit of lowlife country, songs about vampires, werewolves, gay lovers, straight lovers, enemies, friends that are now former friends, love, hate, suicide policeman, trains, hobos, hobos who ride trains, dead hobos, and all the usual fun, cheerful, sweet wholesomeness you have come to expect from Legends and Lowlife.

For no reason whatsoever, we tribute trains and everything about them;  love trains, (not the song you are thinking)  night trains,  black trains, last trains, Odetta sings Midnight Special, Giant Sand “Ride the Rails” We could have gone with the better known “Downtown Train” from Tom Waits but went with the lesser known “Train Song”, Mary Gauthier gives us “Last of the Hobo Kings” of yes, could have done a whole show on hobos or railroads, The roots label Rounder has not one but two compilations just about trains any of which would be Lowlife worthy, but just thowing in these gems for now…

“Like” us on Facebook, subscribe to us here, just say hi, or just read on, thanks for listening, for reading this far, and for being the sort of lowlife or legend that listens to my humble show on the ever so wonderful community radio station KAOS in Olympia.

xx Deb


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