Legends and Lowlife #64 Deb On Air Hosts Tuesdays 89.3 FM, KAOSRadio.org

Publicity photo of Wanda Jackson, age 17.

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  1. You Know I’m No Good   4:28 Wanda Jackson The Party Ain’t Over
  2. Are Your Parents Still Together?     1:33    Gospel Music Duettes
  3. Movin’ N Groovin’     1:56    Duane Eddy Jukebox Hits of 1965 Vol.4
  4. Marie Provost            2:51    Nick Lowe Jesus Of Cool
  5. Your My Rain 4:06    Dementia Pre-Show  Quickstar Productions Presents: Indie Underground, Vol. 9
  6. Elephants & Little Girls         4:23    Loch Lomond Little Me Will Start A Storm Rock
  7. Inch Worm     4:10    Black Tape For A Blue Girl Projekt: afar
  8. Aphrodisiac    3:49    Loudon Wainwright III Therapy
  9. Weird Times  5:25   Salteens Grey Eyes       R
  10. Shake  2:51    Sam Cooke Jukebox Hits of 1965            Oldies
  11. Please Keep Away From Me            2:16    Elbie Parker 101 Northern Soul Anthems –
  12. Devil With a Blue Dress On  3:13    Shorty Long   Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971 Disc 1
  13. Me and The Devil      3:41    Gil Scott-Heron I’m New Here
  14. Old devils       3:39    William Elliott Whitmore Animals In The Dark
  15. Buck Angel     2:38    Kid Congo And The Pink Monkey Birds     Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
  16. Keep on Runnin’ (The Vampire Song)       5:45    The Hot Toddies        Get Your Heart On
  17. I Go To Sleep  3:20    Anika  Anika  Stones Throw
  18. I’m Waking Up To Us 3:48    Belle & Sebastian      Push Barman To Open Old Wounds
  19. Funeral Singers         4:10    Califone          All My Friends Are Funeral Singers
  20. You’ve Been A Good Old Wagon      3:33    Bessie Smith  American Legends:
  21. Ride The Rail 3:51    Giant Sand     Blurry Blue Mountain
  22. Leaves Eclipse The Light      5:42    Eluvium          Similes
  23. I Feel Merely Marvelous       2:32    Esquivel         Merry Xmas From The Space-Age Bachelor Pad
  24. Shooting Stars           4:29    Elysian Fields Dreams That Breathe Your Name
  25. The Sky Is Crying      3:59    Etta James      The Definitive Collection
  26. Song Of The Spindle Berry  2:08    Fursaxa          Kobold Moon
  27. Book Of Angels          4:56    Jim White       Wrong-Eyed Jesus!
  28. Mr. Bad Luck  2:59    Jimi Hendrix  West Coast Seattle Boy – The Jimi Hendrix Anthology
  29. Inner City Blues        4:15    The Kin          Rondo Sessions (UK EP)Related Articles

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