Legends and Lowlife # 62 – Deb On Air Hosts

Jens Lekman playing at Klubb Republik Norrköpi...

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Updated now…check out NME Daily Download, Archive.org, and Superfan 2010 for free downloads of many of these fine tunes…thank you for listening, and reading..xxx Deb

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  1. Penetrating Love Ray           5:35    Sex 4 Moderns Sex 4 Moderns
  2. Day Tripper   3:25    Jimi Hendrix West Coast Seattle Boy – The Jimi Hendrix Anthology
  3. Déjà Vu feat. K-OS 3:00    Small Sins Pot Calls Kettle Black
  4. Open Hands   1:06    Sarah Kirkland Snider / Shara Worden / Signal
  5. I Bought You Violets 2:26    Renzo Cesana Ultra-Lounge: Christmas Cocktails, Part
  6. She Shot A Hole In My Soul  2:21    Clifford Curry Scream 1
  7. Last Time       3:02    Black Dub Black Dub
  8. A Sweet Summer’s Night On Hammer Hill 3:28    Jens Lekman Oh You’re So Silent Jens
  9. Inch Worm     4:10    Black Tape For A Blue Girl Projekt: afar
  10. Vampire Kiss The Sonics 4:38
  11. Seattle            3:29    A Shoreline Dream recollections of memory
  12. U.F.O.   3:55    Wild Pumpkins at Midnight Instant Ocean
  13. Winter 1         3:41    Pete And The Pirates New Record
  14. Death And The Maiden        4:20    Family Fodder RCRD LBL.com
  15. Stephen Colbert        3:42  Inu Not For Anyone
  16. Work For Your Money          2:12    Howlin’ Wolf The Real Folk Blues-More Real
  17. Legend of Herlen      11:02  Chicago Symphony Orchestra Traditions and Transformations: Sounds of Silk Road Chicago
  18. I Don’t Believe You   2:38    The Thermals Personal Life
  19. Mahaba Wa Taka Nini          3:50    Sounds of Taraab Zanzibar, New York   Sounds of Taraab
  20. Sleep Forever            4:10    Crocodiles Sleep Forever 7″ (Master)
  21. The Revolution          3:14    Television The Revolution
  22. Oh Country (Skin & Bones)     5:20    Big Blood Big Blood & The Bleedin’ Hearts
  23. B of The Bang            4:32    Monument Valley Daily Download
  24. This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin’          2:17    Rosie Flores Bloodshot Records Label Sampler   Amaxon.com free download
  25. I’m Gonna Leave       4:10    Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys Feelin’ Kinda Lucky  Robert Williams

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