Legends and Lowlife #60 Christmas Special & Tribute to Capt. Beefheart

  1. Legends and Lowlife wishes you and yours the best Holiday possible..xx Deb on Air 
  1. There Ain’t No Santa Claus On The Evenin’ Stage            3:12    Captain Beefheart The Spotlight Kid
  2. White Winter Hymnal          2:29    Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes
  3. I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas 2:24    The Three Stooges
  4. Rill Rill            3:50    Sleigh Bells Treats Derek Miller
  5. Believe In Me 3:28    fun Nettwerk Holiday Sampler 2010
  6. 100/0 (Snowdays Forever) 5:04    A Sunny Day In Glasgow Autumn, Again
  7. ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas 1:52    Aretha Franklin This Christmas
  8. Winter Wonderland 3:11    Diana Krall
  9. Ole Santa        2:37    Dinah Washington
  10. Christmas In Waikiki            4:40    Morgan Its A Cool Cool Christmas
  11. A Surfer’s Christmas List      2:08    Surfaris
  12. Santa’s Gonna Shut ’em Down        2:09    Untamed Youth
  13. Santa Claus    2:47    The Sonics
  14. Captain Morgan’s Christmas           2:23    DDT Hardcore Holiday (Christmas)
  15. (I Want A) Rock n Roll Guitar For Christmas         3:12  Johnny Preston
  16. Who Sez There Ain’t No Santa Claus          2:10    Ron Holden & The Thunderbirds
  17. Christmas Time Is Here Again         3:39    The Flirtations
  18. Lonely Christmas Call           2:27    George Jones
  19. Merry Christmas Baby    Wanda Jackson & The Continentals 4:31
  20. I Wanna Spend Christmas With Elvis         1:51    Little Lambsie Penn
  21. Live Christmas Medley         5:07    Elvis Presley
  22. O Come O Come Emmanuel 3:58    Sufjan Stevens Hark! Songs For Christmas Oh Come Emmanuel  2:44    Aliqua Nettwerk Holiday Sampler 2010
  23. Shenandoah  3:30    Le Loup I’ll Stay ‘Til After Christmas Sam Simkoff
  24. Merry Christmas I Don’t Want To Fight     2:07    The Ramones
  25. Grinding Halt (The Cure)     1:33    The Death Set            NME Daily Download
  26. Radio Spot #3 Good Taste Tip: Gift Receiving        0:53    The Shangri-Las
  27. I Know What You Want For Christmas      3:11    Kay Martin & Her Body Guards
  28. She’s too Much for My Mirror         1:41    Captain BeefheartTrout Mask Replica
  29. Lick My Decals Off Baby       2:38    Captain Beefheart     Lick My Decals off Baby
  30. John Holt  Happy Xmas (War Is Over) 4:09 Mellow Dubmarine
  31. Black Santa    3:53    Kid Congo And The Pink Monkey Birds Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
  32. Jingle Bell Hustle       3:25    Wayne Newton Holiday Freak Out
  33. Father Christmas      3:42    The Kinks
  34. We Dress Up Like Snowmen            3:59    The Wave Pictures NME Daily Download
  35. Santa’s Got a Coupe de Ville            2:34   Four Imperials
  36. Christmas (Baby Please Come Ho   3:06    Death Cab for Cutie
  37. I Want A Boy For Christmas 2:15    The Del-Vetts
  38. 12 Days of Bluegrass Chris  2:25    Del McCoury & Mac Wiseman Best Christmas in the Universe
  39. Strange Neighborhood         3:46    Dedicated To Dedications    Emo Diaries  Chapter Twelve  I Love You But In The End I Will Destroy You
  40. It’s a Cool Cool Christmas  Webb Brothers Every Day Is Christmas      2:55
  41. Rockin Little Christmas         2:40    Carlene Carter
  42. Tom WaitsChristmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis 5:57

It is a lowlife, legendary and diverse affair – this Christmas show. We tread the boards from the nudge-nudge lowlife of “I know what you want for Christmas,”  by Kay Martin and her Body Guards, dig the Stooges, of the Three not the Iggy kind,  that would be The Three Stooges, dip a toe into reggae with John Holt, Aretha Franklin speaking frankly, DDT takes a wee, and Elvis forgets the words and George Jones‘s woman done him wrong again. Oh and don’t get me started on the sleigh bells, we have sleigh bells, we have cow bells, we have snow, we have jangle, jingle, so many Santas….

So sad to have to report on the passing of a true legend, Don Van Vilet, aka Captain Beefheart. We will be paying tribute to his legend as one of the leaders of experimental, fun and interesting music…

So many great Christmas tunes, so little time…You will notice the playlist is toooooo long for the two-hour 6-8 slot, so somethings gotta go…I’ve cut, culled and pared, but how can we part with the cheesiness of Wayne Newton and his “Jingle Bell Hustle” or do we cut one of the two, or is that three Christmas surf songs., we played Tom Waits Christmas card from a hooker…classic last week, but its  just too damn perfect in a  lowlife and legend way  not to play again…..decisions, decisions..

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As usual. many of the tracks are available for legally free download at


nme daily download.com



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