Legends and Lowlife #57 Thanksgiving Special, KAOS Radio 89.3 FM

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  1. Thanksgiving Day 5:12   Ray Davies Thanksgiving Day EP
  2. Winter Wooskie    2:41   Belle & Sebastian Push Barman To Open Old Wounds
  3. Stormy Weather   4:24   Echo & The Bunnymen Siberia
  4. Not a Care in the World 3:45   Beat HappeningMusic to Climb the Apple Tree By
  5. Pumpkin Pie          2:11   Kid Congo And The Pink Monkey  Birds
  6. Turkey in the Straw (1891)     2:01 archive.org
  7. A Thanksgiving Prayer 2:22   William S. Burroughs Dead City Radio
  8. 2 Candles, 1 Wish            2:48   Mono Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined
  9. Ghost on the Highway    2:47   The Gun Club Fire of Love
  10. Jeffrey Lee Pierce 1:21   OFF! Jeffrey Lee Pierce  RCRD LBL.com
  11. Work For Your Money    2:12   Howlin’ Wolf The Real Folk Blues-More Real
  12. Shaking All Over   5:03   Chris Spedding
  13. Fortune Teller       4:32   Robert Plant & Alison KraussRaising Sand
  14. Entertain     4:56   Sleater-Kinney The Woods
  15. Never Pay For The Farm    3:53   Gang Of Four   RCRD LBL.com
  16. Crash Test Dummies The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead       3:45
  17. Change My Darkness Into Light         2:52   The Flirtations
  18. Stereolab Sun Demon    3:18
  19. Yeat’s Grave           3:02   The Cranberries Now And In Time To Be
  20. Thanksgiving         5:42   Loudon Wainwright III Therapy
  21. Heartburn  2:28   Rufus Wainwright with Kate & Anna McGarrigle   The McGarrigle Hour
  22. Blackpool Lights   5:47   Kristian Hoffman Fop
  23. Adlai Stevenson    2:34   Sufjan Stevens The Avalanche: Outtakes & Ext
  24. Nobody Can Bake A Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine    3:31   Bessie Smith American Legends: Bessie Smith
  25. Savings And Loans          3:33   Salteens Grey Eyes
  26. Turkey In The Straw       0:48  archive.org
  27. Almost Thanksgiving Day         3:23   Graham Parker http://music.download.com Graham Parker
  28. Down By The Water        3:42   The Decemberists The King Is Dead
  29. Joliet Bound           3:12   Rory Block Hills Of Home: 25 Years Of Folk Music On Rounder Records
  30. A Perfect Day To Chase Tornados      6:07   Jim White Wrong-Eyed Jesus!
  31. Turkey in the straw        3:24 archive.org

A Legends and Lowlife Thanksgiving Special, not to be confused with the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special..typical of L&L we cover the waterfront as John Lee Hooker says…that is, we cover the good, bad, ugly and just plain strange.

Strangely two of the three songs devoted directly to Thanksgiving holiday are by Brits, who of course don’t celebrate that U.S. holiday at all, but Ray Davies and Graham Parker do a stellar job of capturing the bitter-sweet traditions…

The Wainright/McGarrigle clan bring it home and all about family, with Dad singing “Thanksgiving”, Mom, and Rufus as well as other family members chiming in with “Heartburn.

Because it takes all kinds to make a family, not just those blood related types we have a few non-familar tie-ins, for example…Kristen Hoffman was keyboardist and former musical director with Rufus Wainwright, whose track “Blackpool Nights” he follows here…to confuse more…his good buddy Kid Congo was an original member of The Gun Club, lead by Jeffery Lee Pierce, who is the topic of the song by OFF!

For good measure we threw in a few food references, only because the songs were good, its a well stocked table..three helpings of TURKEY in the straw, (courtesy of Archive.org), PUMPKIN PIE, Cranberries, Sweet Jelly Roll, okay not a traditional staple but Bessie Smith brags about her uh..cooking…so how could we not serve it up all hot and tasty. As of this writing I’m still searching for a copy of Dee Dee Sharp‘s “Mashed Potatoes” …you’ll have to tune it to see if it was found

Oh for those who hate the whole idea of Thanksgiving, and we understand, really we do, we throw in William Burrough’s tirade about the whole damn thing with “A Thanksgiving Prayer” (we edited two words for radio FCC rules, and good taste but you can figure it out, being the bright sparks you all are).

Enjoy your holiday if you are a U.S. celebrant, if outside or if again protesting the whole thing just sit back, listen and you’ll get through it in no time, recovered just in time for that big December holiday binge.

Drive safe and play nice,

xx Deb on Air


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