Legends and Lowlife KAOS 89.3 FM #53

"Sister" Rosetta Tharpe

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1. Jeffrey Lee Pierce 1:21 OFF! Jeffrey Lee Pierce  RCRD LBL.com

2.  Never Pay For The Farm 3:53 Gang Of Four Never Pay For The Farm –  RCRD LBL.com

3. By the Time I Get Out of Phoenix 2:58 The Mag Seven Black Feathers

4. Ghetto Stars 3:28 Tricky Mixed Race

5.  Inner City Blues 4:15 The Kin Rondo Sessions (UK EP)

6. Boxer 4:20 Lovers Dark Light –  RCRD LBL.com

7. Butthole Surfers I Saw An X-Ray Of A Girl Passing Gas  4:57

8. Camping On Acid 2:54 Government Cheese 1985 – 1995 Rock

9. Sheer Tazer Luv 3:16 The Chemistry Set This Day Will Never Happen Again

10. There Is A Marriage 4:57 Bird By Snow Common Wealth  RCRD LBL.com

11. Stereolab Sun Demon 3:18

12.  The Spirit Was Gone 3:18 Antony & The Johnsons Swanlights RCRD LBL.com

13. The Ghost Who Walks 3:02 Karen Elson Insound Digital Mixtape

14. Oh Darlin, What Have I Done 4:02 The White Buffalo Prepare For Black & Blue  RCRD LBL.com

15.  East River Pipe What Does TS Eliot Know About You 2:31

15. John Doe Hwy 5  2:53

16.  Get Some 3:23 Lykke Li Get Some RCRD LBL.com

17. Mogoya 4:35 DONSO DONSO RCRD LBL.com

18. Anywhere 1:26 Aether Artifacts RCRD LBL.com

19. Lowlife (Radio Edit) 3:20 Scanners Violence is Golden

20.  Heavy In Your Arms (C-Berg Remix) 6:38 Florence And The Machine Heavy In Your Arms  RCRD LBL.com

21. Death And The Maiden 4:20 Family Fodder RCRD LBL.com

22. Sister Rosetta Tharpe The Devil Has Thrown Him Down 2:47

23. Monique 4:10 Love as Laughter Monique RCRD LBL.com

24. I Remember, You Were Wild Side Split 3:24 Kelley Stoltz To Dreamers  RCRD LBL.com

25. No Room To Live 2:21 Times New Viking No Room To Live  RCRD LBL.com

26. Innh Dahh 3:53 Matthew Dear Black City rcrdlbl.com

27. Blow It Up 2:41 The Vaccines Blow It Up t RCRD LBL.com

28. First In Line (Your Twenties’ Story Of Life Remix) 3:30 James Yuill First In Line (Your Twenties’ Story Of Life Remix)  RCRD LBL.com

29. Groove Me (airwaves version) 3:48 Nate Najar, Melba Moore Groove Me

30. Chester’s Soul Kitchen 4:58 Marc New Mixes, Bill Cosby, Quincy Jones 2:12

31. Willie Dixon Chess Blues 1954-1960

32. Stolen Love 3:37 Bill Mumy Glorious in Defeat

33. Medley, Jack & Neal , California, Here I Come 1:51 Tom Waits Foreign Affairs

34. Funeral Hearse At My Door 3:17 Rocky Fuller,  Chess Blues 1952-1954

35.  Helicopter (Diplo & Lunice Remix) 4:07 Deerhunter Helicopter  RCRD LBL.com

Many of these and many other legally free downloadable  MP3 tracks can be found at these quite wonderful sites;






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